Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fiscal Cliff takes second seat to Christmas, holiday vacations as Congress and President Obama take off (video)

With 10 days left before the so-called fiscal cliff goes into effect, one might think that Congress and President Obama would make a priority out of finding a resolution: not so. Holidays come first and Congress as well as President Obama have made certain they will spend the next few days celebrating with friends, family members and loved ones.

 Does this sit right with you?

 President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner both spoke publicly on Dec. 21, 2012 after it was clear negotiations were a failure.

 President Obama stated, “In the next few days, I've asked leaders of Congress to work towards a package that prevents a tax hike on middle-class Americans, protects unemployment insurance for two million Americans, and lays the groundwork for further work on both growth and deficit reduction. That's an achievable goal. That can get done in ten days.”

House Speaker John Boehner stated, “The President's solution of raising tax rates would still be red ink for as far as the eye can see and it would hurt jobs at a time when far too many of our citizens are struggling to find them.”

At this point, negotiations seem dismal, as Republicans don’t want to be known as the elected official that agreed to raise taxes.

As Congress and President Obama have high-tailed it out of Washington D.C. and aren’t expected to get back to tackling the fiscal cliff until at least after Christmas, some are frustrated with the level of commitment seen in public officials, especially those who rallied so hard during election time to save the middle class from what could be devastating tax hikes.

Earlier today, President Obama and the first family arrived in Hawaii, where they will celebrate the holidays. While President Obama may soon be swimming in serene waters; Middle America worries they will soon be flooded by rising taxes.  Earlier today, President Obama and the first family arrived in Hawaii, where they will celebrate the holidays.

What do you think about Congress and the President leaving for the holidays? Do you think they should stay in Washington until this is resolved?


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