Thursday, February 9, 2012

More discussion follows ‘Human Hourglass’ Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg (videos)

Videos and photos of Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg continue to prompt discussion as many around the world examine the standard of beauty. Ioana Spangenberg has a 20” waist and according to reports stands 5’7 and though she eats three square meals a day (including junk food) cannot gain weight.  She has stated she weighs a mere 85 pounds. Her husband convinced her to put photos of herself online and the response was favorable enough that Spangenberg embarked upon a modeling career.

Now that the western world has viewed Iona Spangenberg, the comments are intense and include topics such as eating disorders, standards of beauty, role models in media, and how a woman with a 20” waist can have sex or carry a baby to term successfully.

The YouTube channel TYTNetwork (The Young Turks) were without hesitation for slamming the Romanian model for what they stated was “unattractive.” There is no doubt that viewing Ioana Spangenberg is shocking but the Young Turks host took it one step further and likened her to an alien. He stated, “She looks like an alien. I’m not attracted by the hips because I’m distracted by the insane waist.” He went on to say that, he would be afraid to break her during sex.

Other comments expressed disbelief that Ioana Spangenberg achieved her 20” waist naturally. Some believe she corseted her waist to shrink it while others asked where her internal organs are. Many challenged her claims of eating three meals a day and some remarked that she may be bulimic. According to interviews, she has denied allegations of both anorexia and bulimia.

What do you think of Ioana Spangenberg? Do you find her waist attractive?

Skin aging: Extrinsic and Intrinsic

There are several causes to skin aging: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic skin aging is caused by outside factors, such as excessive sun or wind exposure, smoking, or drinking (think extrinsic=external). Things that you put into your body, or expose your skin too, or that causes your skin to age are referred to as external skin aging. Intrinsic aging differs, as it is genetic and often inherited. Some families are known for aging well, while others age prematurely. Though there is no guarantee that you will age like your parents, chances are high that you will. Genetics can play such a vital role in aging; it is not uncommon to see family members with near identical wrinkles or lack thereof. There is no way to know exactly how you will age, but everyone, by the time they reach their mid 20s, begin the intrinsic aging process.

 FREE Healthy Skin Care Samples, Coupons & More! The intrinsic aging process is one that everyone tries to fight and prevent. While you may take many steps to prevent extrinsic aging (such as wearing sun screen when outside, eating a diet rich in skin, nutrient fruits, vegetables, and protein and drinking plenty of water), there is little that may be done to prevent intrinsic aging.

Intrinsic aging begins with the skin begins to slow in its production of collagen and elastin. For this reason, many women and men will use skin products that contain these ingredients, or even take collagen supplements to help replace lost tone and firmness. Aging is a gradual, accumulative process that continues to grow worse over time. As more collagen and elastin are lost, the skin becomes thin, loses firmness, diminished fat is noticed causing the skin to sag and form wrinkles, and the skin may become dry and itchy. During this process, men and women often use products that help alleviate symptoms associated with skin aging. Some may undergo cosmetic surgery or use Botox to help give a more youthful appearance. There are a number of treatments available to help with the effects of aging.

Some steps that may help slow down the aging process include avoiding the sun between the hours of 10 am-4 pm, as the sun is strongest during these hours, avoiding indoor and outdoor tanning, and wearing sunscreen. A healthy diet, active lifestyle, and remaining well-hydrated will go a long way for ensuring skin health. Take a multi-vitamin supplement to ensure you meet the daily nutritional requirements. Ensure that you get plenty of rest as well.

By taking care of your skin, you can help preserve its beauty and maintain its longevity.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ioana Spangenberg, Romanian model with 20-inch waist turns heads, stuns (videos)

A Romanian model is causing some to drop their jaws in shock due to her incredibly small waist size. Ioana Spangenberg, 30, has a stunning 20-inch waist that has propelled her to become an Internet sensation. A YouTube video featuring the raven-haired beauty has drawn more than 2 million views. In the video below, you may see the model as she wears a tight corset that makes her mid section appear even smaller than the 20” she currently measures. In an age where the modeling industry has been slammed for portraying stick thin models, Spangenberg’s arrival has caused a bit of controversy. The YouTube video has more dislikes than likes, and others have left suggestions indicating she may have some form of medical condition.

MSN Lifestyle reported on the model and quoted her as saying she has always been extremely thin and cannot seem to gain weight in her midsection. She also likened her physique to that of someone who has undergone gastric bypass and stated she will become sick if she eats too much. Apparently, Spangenberg suffered with body image and stated it wasn’t until her husband began to convince her she was beautiful did she agree to be photographed and then shared photos online.

After receiving a positive response, she embarked upon a professional modeling career.

What do you think of Ioana Spangenberg as a role model from young girls? Do you think that because she is naturally thin she makes an appropriate model, one that defies the stereotype of anorexia and bulimia?

Click the video player below to see Ioana Spangenberg modeling.